Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #344 - 9/26/07


I love bagpipes, yes I do, I love bagpipes and so...well, chances are you probably don't love bagpipes. Maybe you have to have some Celtic ancestry, or maybe you think they're too loud, or maybe you just don't like the sound. But I do! So because this quiz is dated on my birthday, I'm featuring bagpipes.

1. In 1972, the Pipes and Drums and Military Band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards had a Top 40 hit with a bagpipe version of this famous American hymn.
2. Singer and bagpiper Jonathan Davis is a member of what nu-metal band?
3. What is the name for the pipes that produce the buzzing sound in bagpipes?
4. What is the name for the "melody pipe" that the piper fingers to change notes?
5. This Boston punk band's bagpipers have included Spicy McHaggis and James "Scruffy" Wallace.
6. What Scottish-Australian rock band used bagpipes in their early song, "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)"?
7. The Animals featured bagpipes in this 1968 anti-war song.
8. What British singer used bagpipe-like effects on his song "Biko," from 1980?
9. This Scottish New Wave group used an E-bow to imitate bagpipes in their songs - I can't tell you their only hit in the U.S., because it includes the band name!
10.Uilleann pipes - played with the bellows under the arm - are characteristic of what country?
11. Which Paul McCartney and Wings song featured an appearance by the Campbeltown Pipe Band?
12. Piper Paddy Moloney is associated with what Irish folk group?
13. Their 1987 hit "Under the Milky Way" featured bagpipes.
14. Kathryn Tickell played Northumbrian Smallpipes on this folk-like Sting hit from 1993.
15. What famous musical father used bagpipes in his "Peasant Wedding?"
16. This Scottish standard, played by pipe bands everywhere, opens the Boston Pops' "The Celtic Album."
17. In what city would you find the Shannon Rovers and the Stockyard Kilty bagpipe bands?

Bonus: What is Pìobaireachd?

Super Bonus: What tartan is Keith Lockhart wearing on the cover of "The Celtic Album?"

Gur math a thèid leat!!!

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