Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #341 - 9/5/07

R&B Number Ones - 1975

Billboard Magazine has called them Harlem Hit Parade, Race Records, Rhythm & Blues Records, R&B Sides, Soul Singles, Black Singles, and R&B Singles. I call them great songs that everyone can enjoy regardless of race or ethnic background. This series of quizzes concerns songs that reached Number One on the Billboard R&B charts.

1. Carl Douglas kicked off the year at Number One with this novelty song about a movie craze - what was the song?
2. The Isley Brothers warned us that "Time is truly wasting, there's no guarantee" in what Number One song from July 1975?
3. "Slippery When Wet" was the first Number One hit for what superstar band?
4. They invited us to "Do It Any Way You Wanna" in September 1975.
5. Perhaps inspired by Marshall Field, what group hit Number One with "Give The People What They Want" in June 1975?
6. The Ohio Players had a good year - they had a Number One hit in January 1975 with "Fire," which included what sound effect at the beginning?
7. Then in November 1975, they had a hit with this goofy song that mentioned bumblebees.
8. Who asked the immortal question, "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?" in February 1975?
9. KC and the Sunshine Band's first Number One R&B hit, from August 1975, was also their first Number One pop hit. What was it?
10. Earth Wind & Fire's first Number One R&B hit came in March 1975. What was it?
11.George McCrae's then-wife Gwen had a Number One hit in June 1975 with what song?
12. What song was a Number One hit for Graham Central Station in August 1975?
13. According to Tavares, how long does it take to fall in love?
14."There's some things that I know, but I want the horns to blow" was a line from what Al Green song that hit Number One in December 1975?
15. "All my friends know the Low Rider" according to what group?
16. Eddie Kendricks was back in 1975 with this work-related song that hit Number One in April 1975.
17. Now overplayed as part of a personal ad service commercial, this song was the first Number One hit for Natalie Cole in October 1975.

Bonus: The Ohio Players had yet another Number One song at the very end of the year with "Love Rollercoaster." What is the urban legend about that song?

Good Luck!!!

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