Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #339 - 8/22/07

R&B Number Ones, 1970-73

Billboard Magazine has called them Harlem Hit Parade, Race Records, Rhythm & Blues Records, R&B Sides, Soul Singles, Black Singles, and R&B Singles. I call them great songs that everyone can enjoy regardless of race or ethnic background. This series of quizzes concerns songs that reached Number One on the Billboard R&B charts.

1. This group thanked us for letting them be theirselves for five weeks at Number One in February 1970.
2. How many Number One R&B hits did the Jackson Five have in 1970?
3. What was Diana Ross' first R&B Number One as a solo artist?
4. Rufus Thomas invited us to do this dance in February 1971.
5. According to Johnnie Taylor, who's "Got Your Girl And Gone?"
6. Aretha Franklin (you can't get away from her on these charts) had a Number One hit in May 1971 with a cover of what Simon and Garfunkel song?
7. They took out an ad in the "Want Ads" for a "young man, single and free" in May 1971.
8. This Marvin Gaye hit discussed "oil wasted on the oceans and on the seas, fish full of mercury" and "this overcrowded land."
9.Aretha hit again with a remake of a Ben E. King song in August 1971.
10."Let's Stay Together" was the first R&B Number One for who?
11. Where were The Dramatics in March 1972?
12. "Where Is The Love" was a Number One duet for who in August 1972?
13. According to the O'Jays, who will "smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place?"
14. Billy Paul sang of an affair between who in December 1972?
15. In what song did a thirteen month-old baby break a looking glass?
16. This goofy Ohio Players song featured "Granny" discussing the title character, who is represented by a synthesizer.
17. What hit from October 1973 was originally titled "Midnight Plane to Houston?"

Bonus: Timmy Thomas' "Why Can't We Live Together" was the first R&B Number One hit for what Miami-based record company?

Good Luck!!!

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