Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #338 - 8/15/07

R&B Number Ones, 1965-69

Billboard Magazine has called them Harlem Hit Parade, Race Records, Rhythm & Blues Records, R&B Sides, Soul Singles, Black Singles, and R&B Singles. I call them great songs that everyone can enjoy regardless of race or ethnic background. This series of quizzes concerns songs that reached Number One on the Billboard R&B charts.

1. This Temptations standard was Number One for six weeks beginning in January 1965.
2. Diana Ross mentioned the names of the other two Supremes in "Back In My Arms Again. What were their names?
3. Appropriately enough for my family, this James Brown hit was in its final week at Number One on the day I was born, September 26, 1965.
4. "Rescue Me" was not sung by Aretha Franklin, though many people think so. Who sang it?
5. What was Wilson Pickett's phone number in the song he took to Number One in March 1966?
6. Stevie Wonder had a Number One hit in 1966 with a cover of what Bob Dylan song?
7. Freddie Scott asked this title question in his 1967 song that was Number One for four weeks.
8. What was Aretha Franklin's first R&B Number One hit?
9. Sam and Dave hit Number One in October 1967 with a song that's since become associated with the Blues Brothers - what is it?
10. What Motown group had a hit with "I Second That Emotion" in January 1968?
11. The Intruders hit Number One with this song about growing up in May 1968.
12. Another song associated with the Blues Brothers, by Aretha Franklin, hit Number One in June 1968.
13. This South African trumpet player had a hit in July 1968 with "Grazing in the Grass."
14. Marvin Gaye hit Number One in December 1968 with "I Heard It Through The Grapevine," but another group had also taken that song to Number One a year earlier. Who were they?
15. Chicago's Tyrone Davis asked permission to do this in February 1969.
16. Junior Walker and the All-Stars wondered this in Juy 1969.
17. This Supremes song was the last Number One R&B hit of the sixties, and the last one to feature Diana Ross on lead vocals.

Bonus: Aretha Franklin had a Number One hit with "Share Your Love With Me" in 1969. Who brought that song back to the pop and country charts in 1981?

Good Luck!!!

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