Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #337 - 8/8/07

Couples Only

Frankie and Johnny, Paul and Paula, Johnny and Mary, Ruben and Cerise, Bonnie and Clyde - couples have long been celebrated in songs of all genres. This week, I'm giving you the name of the couple; you tell me what song they appear in. (Hint: Most of the names do not appear in the song title.).

1. Tommy and Gina.
2. Tony and Lola
3. Billy Joe and Bobby Sue
4. Johnny and Judy
5. Desmond and Molly
6. Harry and Sue
7. Tommy and Laura
8. Joey and Julie
9. Brother and Becky Thompson
10. Brenda and Eddie
11. Billy and Patty
12. Mary and Tom
13. Dan and Lil
14. Susie and Sam
15. Pierre and the Mademoiselle
16. Tommy and Becky
17. Michael and Cindy

Bonus: The King of Marigold and the Queen

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #337 Answers

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