Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #332 - 7/4/07

Georgia On My Mind


1. Born in Albany, Georgia, but raised in Florida, his version of "Georgia On My Mind" was named the official State Song of Georgia in 1979.: Ray Charles
2. Formed by University of Georgia students in 1980, their big albums included "Automatic for the People," "Out of Time," and "Monster."
: R.E.M.
3. Based in Atlanta, their "Ms. New Booty" was a Top Ten hit in 2006.
: Ying-Yang Twins
4. He was born Richard Penniman in Macon, Georgia, but we know this early rock singer by what name?
: Little Richard
5. Born in Clarksdale, Georgia, his comedy hits include "The Streak," "Ahab the Arab" and "Santa Claus Is Watching You."
: Ray Stevens
6. What Georgia city is associated with the Allman Brothers Band?
: Macon
7. East Point musicians Andre 3000 and Big Boi used this name when performing together
: OutKast
8. Though his biggest hit, "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay," was set in San Francisco, he was born in Dawson, Georgia, and grew up in Macon.
: Otis Redding
9. What Atlanta-based retro band of the early 1990s toured as part of the Furthur Festival in 1997?
: The Black Crowes
10. When this president was governor of Georgia, he invited Bob Dylan, the Band, and Gregg Allman to visit the Governors Mansion.
: Jimmy Carter
11. This Athens-based band had hits with "Love Shack" and "Roam," and we can't forget "Rock Lobster" either.
: The B-52s ("Rock Lobster, down, down...")
12. It's not surprising she'd have a Number One hit with "Midnight Train to Georgia" - after all, she was born in Atlanta.
: Gladys Knight
13. This comedienne had a one-off hit with "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" in 1973
: Vicki Lawrence
14. This rapper and actor, raised in Atlanta, mentioned the Georgia Dome in his "What's Your Fantasy."
: Ludacris
15. When "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" in 1979, what was the name of the fiddle player he met?
: Johnny
16. Max Steiner was nominated for an Oscar for Best Music for his score to this 1939 classic set in Georgia during the Civil War.
: "Gone With The Wind"
17. This soul and R&B legend was born in South Carolina, but was raised in Augusta, Georgia - the civic center there is named for him.
: James Brown

Bonus: If you're ever in Atlanta during the summer, you might want to stop by this outdoor concert venue, but don't forget your picnic basket!: Chastain Park

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