Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #330 - 6/20/07

"Pahk the Cah"

If you've ever been to Boston, you know that people from that city have a different accent than those from the rest of the United States. The Boston accent's most characteristic feature is the dropped "R" before a vowel, resulting in phrases like "pahk the cah" (park the car). You might have heard it in "The Departed" or "Good Will Hunting," or in a speech by one of the Kennedy brothers. Nobody loves to hear a Boston accent more than me, and in this quiz, all the answers contain at least one word with the sound in "pahk" and "cah." It's more fun if you say it out loud!

1. The Beatles' drummer
2. The Beatles' drummer's real name
3. Rat Pack singer from Steubenville, Ohio
4. She was the lead singer of the Go Go's
5. They recorded "Cool Places" with Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go's
6. Instrument played by a Marx Brother
7. Conductor of the Boston Pops
8. It's on the cover of Chicago VIII
9. He died on August 9, 1995
10. The Grateful Dead's percussionist
11. He sang about "Patches" in 1970
12. Felix Mendelssohn wrote the music to this Christmas carol:
13. They sang "Just What I Needed" and "My Best Friend's Girl"
14. Paul Simon's singing partner
15. White rapper turned Oscar-nominated actor
16. It's John Philip Sousa's signature march, often conducted by #7
17. Jazz saxophonist known as "Bird"

Bonus: Shakespeare verse set to music by Franz Schubert

Good Luck!!!

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