Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #33 - 10/10/01


1. What George Gershwin piece is now more identified with United Airlines?
2. What was Peter, Paul and Mary's only Number 1 hit?
3. The writer of the song in Question 2 also hit with "Fly Away"; he was a pilot himself. Who is he?
4. Who had a hit with a different "Fly Away" in 2000?
5. "Magic" was a 1975 hit for this Scottish band.
6. What Southern rock band lost its lead singer, a guitarist, and a backup singer in a 1977 plane crash?
7. What song kicks off the "Travel Suite" on the album Chicago III?
8. He hit with both "Fly Like an Eagle" and "Jet Airliner" in 1977.
9. This singing actor, who recorded "Let Her In" and "Summer Nights," is also a licensed pilot.
10. What song begins "Give me a ticket for an aeroplane?"
11. This Georgia new-wave band was named for a type of war plane.
12. According to Elton John, who was "traveling tonight on a plane...heading for Spain?"
13. Which Earth Wind & Fire hit asks you to "glide like a 747?"
14. Which airline was mentioned in the Beatles' "Back in the USSR?"
15. The Fifth Dimension's hit "Up, Up and Away" described what mode of air transportation?
16. "Love Light in Flight" was a 1985 hit for who?
17. What is the only Beatles instrumental?.

Bonus: Who were the three singers killed in a plane crash in Iowa on "the day the music died?"

Good Luck!!!

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