Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #327 - 5/30/07

The Not Top 40 II

I stole this idea from TriviaOne again in the hopes that they'll start up their series of music lyrics quizzes again. The following are lyrics from well-known songs, many of which are staples on classic rock radio and which you probably have in your iTunes. All the songs have one interesting distinction, however: none of them made the Top 40 singles chart in the United States. Can you name the song and the artist?

1. "Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords"
2. "Moving into the universe, drifting this way and that"
3. "Don't hang me up and don't let me down (don't let me down)"
4. "You're whispering in my ear, tell me all the things that I want to hear"
5. "All abooooooooooooard!"
6. "I cant wait for the nights with you, I imagine the things we do"
7. "Stop, understand me, I ain't afraid of losing face"
8. "Here I am, on the road again. there I am, up on the stage"
9. "You know its now or never, take a chance on rock n roll"
10. "Top coat, top hat, I don't worry 'cause my wallet's fat"
11. "This old world still looks the same, another frame"
12. "Lay me down in sheets of linen
13. "Boy, you've got to prove your love to me"
14. "Aww, man, I think the clock is slow. I don't feel tardy. Class dismissed!"
15. "Move out, don't mess around, move out, you bring me down"
16. "In the high school halls, in the shopping malls, conform or be cast out"
17. "I'm so happy 'cause today I've found my friends, they're in my head"

Bonus: "I think I thought you were someone else"

Good Luck!!!

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