Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #324 - 5/9/07

A Few Words From 1987

Each of these entries contains five words from the lyrics of a song that was in the Top Ten in 1987. The lyrics are roughly in the order in which they appear in the song, and no word from the song's title appears in the quiz. Can you figure out the song from just five words?

1. Tommy, docks, Gina, diner, halfway
2. dreamt, desert, tropical, nature, Spanish
3. worth, alive, spinning, sea, beginning
4. loneliness, heat, senses, burns, last
5. thorn, sleight, nails, wait, live
6. second, upstairs, fight, clumsy, hit
7. paintings, tombs, crocodiles, waitresses, Japanese
8. carnival, music, lake, banjo, bluegrass
9. phony, glare, survive, cows, kerosene
10. guess, know, Bible, natural, pornography, Ford, bushes, basement, cellar
12. butt, daylight, limit, tomorrow, place
13. boy, true, curiosity, unworthy, hasta
14. bed, covers, clue, happening, through
15. France, Disciples, cousin, rocket, Nate
16. miracles, violins, eloquence, Luther, Marvin
17. cowboy, steel, day, bottle, rocked

Bonus: reminder, finger, money, key, free

Good Luck!!!

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