Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #32 - 10/3/01

Album Cover Art

We often forget, in the CD era, how attractive, interesting, and BIG record album covers were. See if you can remember which albums had the following covers.

1. Four men crossing the road.
2. Naked baby swimming after a dollar bill on a fishing line.
3. Man stepping into a wall painting of a Wizard of Oz scene.
4. Woman sitting in window with a grey tabby cat in front of her.
5. Drawing of two turtles dancing in front of a railroad station.
6. A painted bird skull on a blue background.
7. Guitar-shaped spaceships flying away from a recently exploded Earth.
8. Working zipper!
9. Band logo superimposed on a map of northern Illinois with the logo taking the place of the name of a city in that region.
10. Artsy photo of a spilled bowl of cherries.
11. Prism, with accompanying rainbow lights, on black background
12. Man standing with his back to us in front of American flag.
13. Men sitting in window of transient hotel which just happened to share a name with the band's lead singer.
14. Album title written on what looks like a wet road.
15. Black and white photo of Hindenburg disaster
16. Man in blue suit holding trumpet standing in dirty alleyway.
17. Four men holding their arms out in different positions, NOT spelling the title of the album.

Bonus: Man in green shirt and red leather pants, with permed hair, looking a little nervous, sitting with blonde model on champagne cork.

Good Luck!!!

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