Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #314 - 2/28/07

Sax Education

When Adolphe Sax set out to invent a louder version of the clarinet in the 1840s, he probably didn't know his instrument would become so popular, particulary in the jazz world. This week, we spotlight his creation, the saxophone, and those who play it.

1. Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax" is better known as the theme from this British comedy show.
2. They called him "Bird" and he was one of the pioneers of jazz saxophone - what is his real name?
3. King Curtis played the memorable sax solo on "Yakety Yak" by what 50s vocal group?
4. Bobby Keys has played with many of the greats, but he's best known as the sax sideman for what enduring British band?
5. This American saxophonist, who played the theme for "L.A. Law," is most associated with the "smooth jazz" genre.
6. Of Wynton, Branford, Jason, or Delfeayo,which Marsalis brother plays the saxophone?
7. Bill Withers sang it, and Will Smith sampled it, but what saxophonist is credited with the hit "Just The Two Of Us?"
8."A Love Supreme" is this jazz sax player's most famous album.
9. This Flecktone's big stage trick is to play two saxophones at the same time.
10. What recent American president played the saxophone?
11. And which Simpsons family member plays the baritone sax, even though in real life this instrument would be too large for this person?
12. OK, we have to mention him - what kind of saxophone does Kenny G play?
13. Raphael Ravenscroft played the sax solo on which 1978 Gerry Rafferty classic?
14. He starred in the movie "'Round Midnight" and was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.
15. With Astrud Gilberto, he won a Grammy Award for "The Girl from Ipanema."
16. Saxophonist Maceo Parker is most associated with what late soul legend?
17. He's the King of the World, the Master of Disaster, the Big Man, and the saxist for the E Street Band.

Bonus: What would you call Steely Dan's character who says he will "learn to work the saxophone, I'll play just what I feel" ?

Good Luck!!!

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