Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #311 - 2/7/07

The Beatles in 1967

1. What Beatles song won the Grammy for Song of the Year (for 1966) in January 1967?
2. This Beatles song that features a prominent trumpet part hit Number One on the US chart in March 1967.
3. Of banker, fireman, policeman, or nurse, which does not appear in the lyrics to "Penny Lane?"
4. "Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to" where?
5. What was shot in a London photo session on March 30, 1967?
6. John and Paul contributed backing vocals to which Rolling Stones song in May 1967?
7. On June 25, 1967, the Beatles contributed to a worldwide live satellite TV broadcast. What was the name of the broadcast?
8. And what song did they play on the broadcast?
9. Which of the following did not appear on the Sergeant Pepper's Cutouts included with the album: Stripes; Picture card of Sergeant Pepper; Hat; Badges; Picture of the band?
10. Who played sitar on "Within You Without You?"
11. "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?" asked this song, which hit the US Top Forty in August 1967.
12. What sad event happened on August 27, 1967?
13. On October 18, the Beatles attended the world premier of this movie, whose cast included John Lennon.
14. This opened on December 7, 1967, at 94 Baker Street in London.
15. This 1967 song included nonsense lyrics, references to eggs and large sea mammals, and a few lines from a BBC broadcast of "King Lear." What was it?
16. This TV special, which aired on the BBC on December 26, 1966, is considered to be one of their first failures. What is it?
17. As the year closed, this Beatles song (with Hawaiian lyrics) topped the US chart.

Bonus: "Cranberry sauce" appeared in what 1967 Beatles song?

Good Luck!!!

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