Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #31 - 9/26/01


It's my birthday, so I'm sending myself some flowers - or some songs that mention flowers. Yea!

1. In 1957, Marty Robbins sang about "A White Sport Coat and a" what?
2. Which singing sister of famous brothers had a Number 1 Country hit in 1973 with "Paper Roses?"
3. This Grateful Dead song starts out, "As I was walkin' through Grosvenor Square."
4. Who released the album "Flowers In The Dirt" in 1989?
5. What was Skylark's only chart hit, from 1973?
6. They recorded songs called "Dead Flowers" and "Dandelion," and an album called "Flowers." Who are they?
7. What did Scott McKenzie advise you to wear if you're going to San Francisco?
8. Who had a comeback hit in 1998 with "A Rose Is Still A Rose"?
9. According to the Grateful Dead, who's "head's all empty and I don't care?"
10. What was the Statler Brothers' only hit on the pop charts?
11. I beg your pardon, Lynn Anderson never promised you a what?
12. America was "flying me back to Memphis" to see who in 1975?
13. This was Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond's big 1978 duet.
14. Bette Midler starred in this movie based on the life of Janis Joplin, and recorded the theme song
15. Who had a hit in 1982 with a re-make of the Tommy James and the Shondells hit "Crimson and Clover?"
16. Tommy James himself hit in 1971 with a song that included the line "My dog Sam eats purple flowers." What was the name of the song?
17. They recorded the theme from the movie "Car Wash."

Bonus: Wayne Newton's 1965 hit was a remake of a 1949 hit for Vaughn Monroe. What was it?

Good Luck!!!

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