Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #309 - 1/24/07

1982 - 25 Years Ago

In 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC, Epcot Center opened, the Stanford band ran onto the field during a football game, Barney Clark became the first recipient of an artificial heart, ET phoned home, Prince William and Ben Roethlisberger were born, Ingrid Bergman and Satchel Paige died, and I visited the Pentagon.

1."Oh, No! It's" who?
2. The cover of this 1982 album showed the five group members...water skiing?
3. What 1982 new-wave hit referenced "East California?"
4. What British musical, a favorite of Douglas', began an 18-year run on Broadway in September 1982?
5. She was only an American idol to her parents when she was born on April 24, 1982, in Texas
6. "Pictures at Eleven" was the debut solo album by what already well-known singer?
7. Which Van Halen album, released in 1982, included covers of "Dancing in the Streets," "(Oh) Pretty Woman" and "Happy Trails?"
8. Their "Love Plus One" was a fun Latin-tinged single, a hit in the summer of 1982.
9. Prince released this blockbuster double album in October 1982.
10. This movie theme, now synonymous with people running in slow motion, was a Number One hit for Vangelis in May 1982.
11. "Pressure" and "Allentown" were the hits from this downbeat Billy Joel album released in September 1982.
12. This Ozzy Osbourne sideman was killed in a plane crash (the plane was buzzing Osbourne's tour bus) on March 19, 1982.
13. Lionel Richie had his first solo Number One song in 1982, with what song?
14. What Fleetwood Mac 1982 album included the songs "Gypsy," "Hold Me" and "Love In Store?"
15. This Alan Parsons Project instrumental, released in 1982, would later become associated with the Chicago Bulls.
16. "Do You Believe In Love" was the breakthrough 1982 hit for this San Francisco band.
17. This was Laura Branigan's first hit, and was adapted from an Italian song.

Bonus: Princess Grace (Grace Kelly), who was killed in a car accident in 1982, earned a gold record in 1956 for a duet from her movie 'High Society.' What was the song, and who did she duet with?

Good Luck!!!

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