Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #308 - 1/17/07

1977 - 30 Years Ago

In 1977, Jimmy Carter became president, Queen Elizabeth II marked 25 years on the British throne, snow fell in Miami, Reggie Jackson became Mr. October, the first Apple II computers went on sale, we all learned about the Force, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Tom Brady were born, Charlie Chaplin and Vladimir Nabokov died, and I learned Native American dancing.

1. What musical, based on a comic strip, opened on Broadway in April 1977?
2.He found out there was such a thing as the real world when he was born on October 16, 1977.
3. What Leo Sayer ballad was a Number One hit in both the United States and the United Kingdom?
4. It's Jimmy Buffett's signature song, and it was a big hit in 1977.
5. What legendary New York City disco opened up in April 1977?
6. I'm not sayin' he's a Gold Digger, I'm sayin' he was born in Atlanta on June 8, 1977.
7. Of "Hotel California," "New Kid in Town," or "Life in the Fast Lane," which was not a Number One hit for the Eagles in 1977?
8. This Billy Joel album, released in September 1977, included "Just The Way You Are" and "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant."
9. What was the lead single from "Chicago XI"?
10.Who could "rely on the old man's money" according to Hall and Oates?
11. Meco had a disco hit with a sped-up version of themes from what movie in 1977?
12. He didn't have a "White Christmas" in 1977, because he died on October 14 on the golf course. Who was he?
13. He didn't get to play on New Year's Eve 1977, because he died on November 5, 1977. Who was he?
14. "Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome" was a funk album released by who?
15. What did Stevie Wonder's character in "I Wish" do with the money his mother gave him for the Sunday school offering?
16. Years before Julia Roberts called him "Stick Man" at the Oscars, he had a Number One hit with "Gonna Fly Now" in 1977.
17. When Boston's "Long Time" became a hit, it didn't include the long instrumental prelude heard on the album. What was the name of that instrumental?

Bonus: Paul McCartney had an enormous UK hit in 1977 with a Scottish-themed song that only made it to Number 33 in the US. What is it?

Good Luck!!!

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