Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #306 - 1/3/07

1967: 40 Years Ago

In 1967, hippies were all over the place in the Haight-Ashbury, Thurgood Marshall became the first African American justice on the Supreme Court, the first Concorde plane was unveiled, Israel fought the Six-Day War against several Arab countries, Phil Keoghan, Julia Roberts, and Nicole Kidman were born, Carl Sandburg and Alice B. Toklas died, Che Guevara was executed, and I went swimming in Lake Erie. You think it had any effect on me?

1. What groundbreaking festival took place on June 16-18 in California?
2. This Hungarian composer, who died on March 6, 1967, invented a hand-sign method of teaching music that was featured in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."
3. Where did Billie Joe McAllister jump?
4. They exploded onto the scene with "Light My Fire" in the summer of 1967 - who are they?
5. Aretha Franklin spelled out the title of her Number One hit from June 1967 - what was it?
6. "Somethin' Stupid," a Number One hit in April 1967, was a duet for what father and daughter?
7. The Association had a Number One hit in July 1967 with this song that presumably was popular in Chicago.
8. This land wasn't his land anymore when this folk icon died on September 3, 1967.
9. We love this San Francisco band on Becky's Island, and they released their first, self-titled album on St. Patrick's Day, 1967. Who were they?
10. On the same day that album was released, this Smashing Pumpkins singer and guitarist was born - who is he?
11. Scottish singer Lulu had a Number One hit with the title song from this Sidney Poitier movie.
12. This influential jazz saxophonist, whose most famous album was "A Love Supreme," died on July 17, 1967.
13. Three singing Manx brothers released their first album and had their first hit, a maudlin story song about a mine cave-in, in 1967. Who are they?
14. This rock magazine, still being published today, put John Lennon on the cover of its first edition on November 9, 1967.
15. What Rolling Stones album, featuring a 3-D cover photo of the band in weird costumes, was released in December 1967?
16. What singer and harmonica player popped into the world on March 29, 1967, in Cleveland?
17. This song full of "meaningless nouns" was a Number One hit in November 1967.

Bonus: This group had two Number One hits in 1967, both with the same word in the title. What is the group, the word, and the two song titles?

Good Luck!!!

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