Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #30 - 9/19/01

Saturday Night Fever

With New York so much on our mind this week, this is my tribute to what I consider the ultimate New York musical movie. This quiz is dedicated to the memory of those lives lost in last week's terrorist attack.

1. Where were the Bee Gees born?
2. What was John Travolta's first hit on the pop charts?
3. What NEW song on the album was the first to hit Number 1?
4. What song plays over the opening credits of the movie?
5. What SNF song spent 8 weeks at Number 1 in 1978?
6. What song appears twice on the album?
7. At 10 minutes and 52 seconds, what is the longest song on the album?
8. What song appeared in a live recording on the original album, but was replaced by the studio recording on the CD?
9. What KC and the Sunshine Band song is on the album?
10. Who recorded "Open Sesame" which appears on the album?
11. Which singer on the album got her big break as the original Mary Magdalene in "Jesus Christ Superstar?"
12. What three previously-released Number 1 songs appear on the album?
13. Karen Lynn Gorney's father wrote a famous song about the Depression. What was that song?
14. What was Tavares' first Top Ten hit?
15. Other than the Bee Gees, what artists are pictured on the back cover of the album?
16. What was John Travolta's only Number 1 song as a singer?
17. Donna Pescow, Annette in the movie, later starred in the TV show "Angie." What was the theme song from that show?

Bonus: What song from the album was used as the title of the movie's sequel?

Good Luck!!!

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