Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #296 - 6/7/06

What Are You Afraid Of?

BOO! Scared you, didn't I? That's no laughing matter for people who have phobias about certain things. This week, with help from the folks at The Phobia List, I've compiled a list of phobias, some common, some obscure. I've matched each phobia to a song by an artist that directly references what the phobia refers to. You have to figure out what each phobia means, and what song by that artist matches (for example: Cynophobia - Led Zeppelin: Fear of dogs, "Black Dog"). Don't be afraid, it's not as hard as it looks!

1. Coulrophobia - Gary Lewis and the Playboys
2. Kleptophobia - Jane's Addiction
3. Monophobia - Al Green
4. Porphyrophobia - Prince
5. Lygophobia - George Harrison
6. Glossophobia - Kiss
7. Chrometophobia - Pink Floyd
8. Iatrophobia - Thompson Twins
9. Ailurophobia - The Stray Cats
10. Siderodromophobia - The Grateful Dead
11. Diplophobia - Foreigner
12. Parthenophobia - Madonna
13. Scoleciphobia - The Ohio Players
14. Hadephobia - AC/DC
15. Xanthophobia - Coldplay
16. Chorophobia - The Bee Gees
17. Russophobia - Sting

Bonus: Bogyphobia - KC and the Sunshine Band

Good Luck!!!

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