Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #295 - 10/18/06

First Hits - The 80s

Each of these artists had their first Top 40 hit in the 80s. See if you can figure out the name of their first hit - it might surprise you. Note: for solo artists spun off from bands, I'm talking about their first solo Top 40 hit.

1. Duran Duran
2. Whitney Houston
3. Bobby Brown
4. Bryan Adams
5. Thompson Twins
6. Bon Jovi
7. Pet Shop Boys
8. New Edition
9. Sheena Easton
10. Paula Abdul
11. Billy Idol
12. Eurythmics
13. Janet Jackson
14. Steve Winwood
15. Michael Bolton
16. Sting
17. Loverboy

Bonus: New Kids On The Block

Good Luck!!!

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