Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #293 - 10/4/06

The Fall of 1982

And now for the fall of 1982, not a terribly memorable time for me as I was preoccupied with college applications. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated, EPCOT Center opened, and Princess Grace and Leonid Brezhnev died, as did some people in Chicago who bought Tylenol at a drugstore in Old Town. And this was what we were listening to.

1. What blockbuster album that broke all sales records was released on December 1, 1982? It's still the best selling non-greatest hits album in the United States.
2. This John Mellencamp song about "two American kids living in the heartland" sat atop the singles charts for the entire month of October 1982.
3. "Up Where We Belong," a duet hit for Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes, came from the soundtrack of what movie?
4. "Somebody's Baby," by Jackson Browne, came from the soundtrack of what movie?
5. What group brought the rockabilly sound back to the charts with "Rock This Town?"
6. Neil Diamond's "Heartlight," a Top Five hit in November 1982, was inspired by what fictional character?
7. His character died in "El Paso," but this singer died for real on November 8, 1982.
8. What song, which hit it big in November and December 1982, featured real high school cheerleaders in the video?
9. Chicago followed up its major comeback hit "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" with this song, which peaked at Number 22 in Fall 1982.
10. This Hall and Oates single, which featured a panther in the video, climbed the charts in Fall 1982 and hit Number One in December.
11."I Ran (So Far Away)" was the debut hit for what group?
12. What 70s soft-rock group had a major comeback with "You Can Do Magic" in September 1982?
13. Laura Branigan had her first hit in Fall 1982, with a remake of an Italian song. What was the hit?
14. Diana Ross' hit "Muscles" spent six consecutive weeks at the Number 10 position. Who wrote this song?
15. The first time I heard "Who Can It Be Now," I couldn't believe the strange sound of the saxophone riff. What group brought this song to the charts in September and October 1982?
16. "Paul, I think I told you...." what?
17. Lionel Richie had his first chart-topping solo single in 1982 - what was it?

Bonus: The Alan Parsons Project had a Top Ten hit that fall with "Eye in the Sky." That song's introduction, "Sirius," later became associated with what professional sports team?

Good Luck!!!

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