Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #292 - 9/27/06

The Fall of 1978

We've had enough summer quizzes, so it's time to put some fall quizzes in as well. I remember the fall of 1978 as when I had my first boyfriend, when we had two Popes, when Kool-Aid wasn't just a fun drink anymore, when we all were obsessed with John Travolta in "Grease" but were not obsessed with Peter Frampton in a certain Beatles-related disaster, and when Chicago hit the cover of People Magazine. And somehow, I missed the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special!"

1. Donna Summer had a Number One hit in the fall of 1978 with a remake of a song with very strange lyrics. What was it?
2. Her only hit was "I Love the Nightlife (Disco 'Round) which hit the Top Ten in November 1978.
3. "Don't Look Back," a top ten hit in September and October 1978, was the title track of the second album by who?
4. What was Funkadelic's big hit from the fall of 1978?
5. This Belgian singer/songwriter was no longer alive and well and living in Paris beginning on October 9, 1978.
6. Gino Vannelli's top ten hit "I Just Wanna Stop" name-checks what Canadian city?
7. Who never brought flowers to who anymore?
8. This jazz-inflected Billy Joel album, which included the hit "My Life," was Number One for most of November and December 1978.
9. What was unusual about the Chicago album released in October 1978?
10. This future American Idol runner-up was born on November 30, 1978, in Raleigh, North Carolina.
11. Bee Gee Robin Gibb had a Top 20 hit that fall with a cover of which Beatles song?
12. Bee Gee brother Andy Gibb had a hit that fall with a song that might be a favorite of recycling plant owners. What was it?
13. Foreigner had this eye condition in October and November 1978.
14. This Australian singer had two songs in the Top Ten - a solo hit and a duet - for most of September and October 1978.
15. What song was a Top Ten hit for the Rolling Stones in November 1978?
16. Which Linda Ronstadt album went to Number One in November 1978?
17. Al Stewart asked us to buy him "a ticket on the last train home tonight" in what song?

Bonus: Who sang uncredited backup vocals on "Whenever I Call You "Friend" by Kenny Loggins?

Good Luck!!!

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