Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #291 - 9/20/06

Viva Las Vegas!

If you haven't been to Las Vegas, what are you waiting for? There are so many fun places to stay, and great shows to see. If you wind up broke, then you'll always remember that you had a swingin' time, as I did last month (although I didn't wind up broke).

1. Who was Elvis' co-star in "Viva Las Vegas?"
2. Who's demonstrating his passion for music in a long run at the Las Vegas Hilton?
3. What U2 video was shot in Vegas?
4. At what Las Vegas hotel would you find the House of Blues?
5. This late pianist, known for his elaborate stage costumes, has a whole museum dedicated to him in Las Vegas.
6. Frank Sinatra never sang here, but what Las Vegas hotel is named for one of his most famous songs?
7. What Sheryl Crow song later lent its title to a movie for which Nicolas Cage won an Oscar?
8. At what legendary Las Vegas hotel can you currently see Elton John in "The Red Piano?"
9. "LOVE - Cirque du Soleil" features the music of what group?
10. Which 90s diva is currently in residence at the Flamingo?
11. This Las Vegas hotel features fountains that "dance" to more than 25 different pieces of music.
12. In what song did Faith Hill invite her boyfriend to "kiss the single life goodbye?"
13. His only hit was "Playground In My Mind," but somehow he's managed to turn that into a long-running show at Harrah's. Who is he?
14. "The Joint" is the name of the performance hall at what off-Strip Las Vegas hotel?
15. Phil Lesh and Trey Anastasio are among the performers set to headline what Las Vegas music festival this year?
16. What two Rat Packers have streets named for them in Las Vegas?
17. Who got married on May 1, 1967, in the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas?

Bonus: Will Smith's video for "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" includes a sequence shot in the lobby of what Las Vegas hotel?

Good Luck!!!

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