Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #287 - 8/23/06

Bela Fleck

Well, he may not be as well known as Bela Lugosi, but Bela Fleck has certainly made his mark on certain sections of the music world. So if you like Bela, you'll like this quiz.

1. Who was Bela named after?
2. What song does Bela credit for sparking his interest in the banjo at a young age?
3. What famous New York City high school did Bela attend?
4. Bela moved to this city after high school and played in several local bands.
5. What was the name of Bela's first solo album?
6. What famous progressive bluegrass band did Bela join in 1981?
7. What was the name of his one-off group with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O'Connor?
8. Who is the bass player for the Flecktones?
9. And in what year does FutureMan come from?
10. The Flecktones' second album introduced their main visual symbol - what is it?
11. Which member of the original Flecktones left before the "Three Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" album?
12. What is the name of the Flecktones' live album from 1996?
13. For what Flecktones recording did Bela win a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1996?
14. This "Left of Cool" track became the first Flecktone release with lyrics, unfortunately IMHO.
15. The Flecktones' "Hoedown" is a jazzed-up version of a composition by what composer?
16. What was the name of the classical album Bela released in 2001 that won a Grammy?
17. Bela's 2004 album "Music for Two" was a duet with what bass player?

Bonus: What kind of pet does Bela have? (Hint - he has something in common with the author of this quiz.)

Good Luck!!!

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