Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #285 - 8/9/06

A Few Words From The Grateful Dead

We remember Jerry Garcia, eleven years after he left us, with this quiz. See if you can remember the Grateful Dead song from just five words from the lyrics.

1. rose, garland, bucket, arrow, covers
2. Reno, hounds, Utah, cave, Cherokee
3. Moses, Abraham, Isaac, wrench, Gideon
4. highway, voices, California, shore, angel
5. pistol, bells, heaven, hurdy-gurdy, fractured
6. Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Buffalo
7. mosquitos, fish, fiddle, fireworks, clowns
8. window, birds, doorway, direction, moth
9. copper, bodhi, kimono, Leonardo, trombone
10. reason, might, daybreak, treetops, future
11. season, hallelujah, hatrack, transitory, jinglebell
12. truckin', calico, kahlia, canoe, bee
13. turning, thunder, lightning, try, ground
14. space, face, dew, bell, ice
15. blossoms, river, nature, Willys, sunshine
16. shackles, butter, spine, iodine, dog
17. Able, Baker, Delta, east, freeze

Bonus: ashes, axis, searchlight, transitive, nightfall

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #285 Answers

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