Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #283 - 7/26/06

Novelty Songs - The 70s

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't, but we do feel like a nut in this quiz. Here are some lyrics from novelty or comedy songs from the 70s - see if you can remember the song, when you stop laughing. Amazingly, there are at least two legends in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame represented in this quiz.

1. "Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia"
2. "The only ones left to tell the tale were Joe and me"
3. "I rented my apartment on a Monday at one"
4. "He says I'm the greatest the worlds ever seen, the heavyweight champion who came back again"
5."You may not know it but this man is a spy. He's a undercover agent for the FBI, and he's been sent down here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan!"
6. "The guy beside me was white as a ghost"
7. "Betty! Bella! Bathsheba!"
8. "I don't care what you just bought! You get your little fanny perpendicular and get ready for school!"
9. "Ah get down mama, I've got to have me a woman, ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa"
10. "Then I pull out a Hostess Twinkie and I pop it in my mouth"
11. "She doesn't want to see your face and she wishes you were dead"
12. "Yeah you got yer dead cat and you got yer dead dog, on a moonlight night you got yer dead toad frog"
13. "And it makes it hard to find the door"
14. "We must do our alma mater, we must do our alma mater"
15. "Don't look, Ethel! But it was too late, she'd already been mooned!"
16. "Bill Russell, sing along with us! Chick Hearn, sing along with us! Chris Schenkel, don't sing nothin'"
17. "They stand so low, you've got to pick 'em up just to say hello"

Bonus: "Uh, you wanna give me a 10-9 on that, Pigpen? Uh, negatory Pigpen, yer still too close. Yeah, them hogs is startin' close up my sinuses. Mercy sakes, you better back off another ten"

Good Luck!!!

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