Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #28- 9/5/01

Holy Music Trivia, Batman!

I hadn't realized how many musicians and songs were associated with the Batman TV series and movie series until doing this quiz. Will you be able to guess the answers? Will you have to use the Batsignal to call our heroes from Stately Wayne Manor (hey, wasn't he a singer)? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

1. "The Joker" was a 1974 Number 1 hit for who?
2. This British duo hit the charts in 1964 with "A Summer Song" and guest-starred on Batman. Who are they?
3. Paul Revere and the Raiders guest-starred on Batman. Who was their lead singer?
4. In 1977, the theme from a Burgess Meredith (the Penguin) movie hit Number 1. What was it?
5. Jim Carrey played the Riddler in the movie "Batman Forever." What song did he sing, with great effect, in his movie The Mask?
6. This was R. Kelly's Batman-themed hit, from the soundtrack of the movie "Batman and Robin."
7. Both Neil Hefti and the Marketts had chart hits with the Batman theme. Who had the bigger hit?
8. Who had a Number 2 hit in 1972 with "Rockin' Robin?"
9. Steve Martin had a novelty hit with a song that might have been named for this Victor Buono villain. What was the song?
10. Several musicians have played Batman villains. What flamboyant pianist played "Chandell"?
11.Eartha Kitt played what Batman villain?
12. Rudy Vallee played what Batman villain?
13. U2's hit "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" was featured on the soundtrack of what Batman movie?
14. Who wrote the original score for the first Batman movie?
15. Prince hit Number 1 with a collage of sound effects from the movie "Batman." What was the name of the song?
16. What was his follow-up, also from the "Batman" soundtrack? 
17. "Kiss From a Rose" was a number 1 hit from the "Batman Forever" soundtrack for who?

Bonus: Did Adam West ever release an album?

Good Luck!!!

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