Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #265 - 3/22/06

I've Got the Blues

We're back to a blue front page on Becky's Island after our annual St. Patrick's Day green celebration. You can sing the blues at the House of Blues with a blue note once in a blue moon, and this week, all the answers to this quiz have "Blue" in them.

1. Don't you step on them
2. A 1982 Elton John hit that's not about a Siamese cat
3. They released a goofy cover of "Hooked On A Feeling" in 1974
4. A hit for Foreigner in 1979
5. A Number One hit for the Marcels in 1961, and a memorable scene in "Grease"
6. Neil Young plays banjo on this Buffalo Springfield classic
7. They ain't got nothin' yet
8. Eiffel 65's 2000 hit
9. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's musical act
10. Both Fats Domino and New Order had hits with songs with this title
11. Three-man performance art team that makes a big mess onstage
12. An Elvis movie
13. They tried to take over Pepperland
14. A Number One hit for Bobby Vinton in 1963; also a David Lynch movie
15. John Popper played harmonica and sang with this 90s band
16. "I found my thrill on..."
17. Roy Orbison sang it in 1963; Linda Ronstadt covered it in 1977

Bonus: The "More cowbell!" skit from Saturday Night Live was a parody of this band's music

Good Luck!!!

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