Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #264 - 3/15/06

Bass Guys (and Gals)

Philip's 66! Happy 66th birthday on March 15, 2006 to Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. To celebrate, here's a quiz about other bass players.

1. He played bass on all those Memphis soul hits, and also played with the Blues Brothers. Who is he?
2. Led Zeppelin's bassist shares his name with an American military hero - who was he?
3. Who is Michael Balzary, and why is he in this quiz?
4. Who is Gordon Sumner, and why is he in this quiz?
5. Bernard Edward's bass line from what Chic song was lifted for "Rapper's Delight?"
6. Bassists Jennifer, from L7, and Richard, from the Sunshine Band, share this last name.
7. He played bass in the Jefferson Airplane and in its spinoff, Hot Tuna, but not with the Partridge Family.
8. Which female bassist had a hit duet as a singer with John Mellencamp, covering Van Morrison's "Wild Life?"
9. Chicago has had two bass players who also are tenor singers. Who are they?
10. Victor Lemonte Wooten plays bass for this very strange jazz-bluegrass group.
11. This onetime Journey bassist is now a household name in the U.S. thanks to his stint as a judge on "American Idol." Who is he, dawg?
12. James Jamerson played bass on many 60s hits from what record company?
13. Bill Wyman was the Rolling Stone's bass player until the early 90s - who replaced him?
14. Ahh, baby, what's the name of the P-Funk bassist?
15. He was the original Beatles' bass player, but was soon replaced by Paul McCartney. Who was he?
16. Rush's bassist is also the band's lead singer, with a very high voice - who is he?
17. Michael Anthony is the bassist for what 80s hard-rocking band?

Bonus: This female session bassist played on most of Phil Spector's hits and also assisted Brian Wilson with the bass playing on "Pet Sounds." Who is she?

Good Luck!!!

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