Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #263 - 3/8/05

In The Military

It's surprising how many famous musicians served their countries in various branches of the military. It's not surprising how many songs have been written about the military over the years (not just Taps!). Here's a salute to them all.

1. An Army officer at Fort Campbell in the early 1960s described one of his recruits thus: "his mind apparently cannot function while performing duties and thinking about his guitar." Who was he talking about?
2. This rapper served as an Army Ranger for four years before beginning his music career.
3. And this rapper served in the Navy before breaking big with "U Can't Touch This."
4. Which Rolling Stone did a stint in the British Royal Air Force?
5. Bobby Vinton had a Number 1 hit in 1964 with a song about a soldier - what was it?
6. The Animals' "Sky Pilot" is about this sort of military officer.
7. Admiral George Stephen Morrison, an Annapolis graduate, was the youngest admiral in the U.S. Navy in the early 60s. Why is he in this quiz?
8. When this superstar was drafted into the Army, he did not ask for special privileges and worked as a jeep driver, but he was allowed to live off base in Germany. Who was he?
9. Jerry Garcia joined the military to get out of San Francisco, but ended up getting posted to the Presidio. Which branch did he join?
10. Army Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler had a Number One hit in 1966 with what military-themed song?
11. Before he wrote "Me and Bobby McGee," he was an Army helicopter pilot. Who was he?
12. Marvin Gaye enlisted in, and did not succeed in, which military branch?
13. Which song by Abba is named after the battle in which Napoleon was defeated?
14. What branch of the military did the Village People invite us all to join in 1979?
15. Which funk superstar enlisted in the Navy, but soon went AWOL to Canada because he didn't like the discipline?
16. Which Monkee did a short stint in the Air Force before being cast in the show?
17. When he sang "I ain't no military son," he was a veteran of the Army Reserves. Who was he?

Bonus: Which Chicago album featured a poster of the group members dressed up in various military uniforms from United States history?

Good Luck!!!

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