Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #262 - 3/1/06

Who Played That Musician?

It's Oscar week again, so this year, I'm giving you a list of real musicians-composers, performers, singers - who have been depicted in various film roles. You tell me who played that musician.

1.Wladyslaw Szpilman, in "The Pianist"
2. Ludwig Van Beethoven, in "Immortal Beloved"
3. Selena, in "Selena"
4. Enrico Caruso, in "The Great Caruso"
5. Johnny Cash, in "Walk The Line"
6. Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky, in "The Music Lovers"
7. Billie Holiday, in "Lady Sings The Blues"
8. Frederic Chopin in "Impromptu"
9. Ray Charles, in "Ray"
10. David Helfgott, in "Shine"
11. Ritche Valens, in "La Bamba"
12. Franz Liszt, in "Lisztomania"
13. W.C. Handy, in "St. Louis Blues"
14. Jacqueline du Pre, in "Hillary and Jackie"
15. Loretta Lynn in "Coal Miner's Daughter"
16. Buddy Holly, in "The Buddy Holly Story"
17. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in "Amadeus"

Bonus: Desi Arnaz, in "The Mambo Kings"

Good Luck!!!

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