Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #261 - 2/22/06

How Did They Get Their Name - Individuals

Just like last week, figure out who these individuals are by how they got their names.

1. He used to wear a yellow and black striped sweater that made people think he looked like a bee
2. One had light hair, one had dark hair
3. A Puerto Rican term for a big shot; maybe after the baseball team?
4. A word for "silly" and because his first name is Christopher
5. Because "Ladies Love Cool James"
6. From the author Iceberg Slim
7. Because he was so heavy as a child
8. A kind of knife, so not to be confused with Monkee Davy Jones
9. A phonetic spelling of this Becky's Island favorite's Irish-American last name
10. A phonetic spelling of his first and last initials; not the candy
11. A character in the movie "Let's Do It Again"
12. Because he liked to wear rings and liked cowboy movies
13. A species of fighting dog
14. Because he jumped around a lot while performing 
15. It's his real first name, after his father's jazz band
16. It's her real first name, after her mother's first name
17. It's her real first name, after her mother's maiden last name

Bonus: Because, he claimed, he had "no father to his style"

Good Luck!!!

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