Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #260 - 2/15/06

How Did They Get Their Name II - Bands

Here's a sequel to an earlier quiz, in which I give you the origin of a band's name, and you tell me what band it is.

1. A pun on Buddy Holly's "Crickets," and a motorcycle gang in a Marlon Brando movie
2. The first names of two obscure blues musicians
3. A William Blake quote about perception
4. A psychedelic Hermann Hesse novel
5. Where Jesus grew up; also a city mentioned in "The Weight" by The Band
6. A slang expression for skipping school and smoking pot all day
7. A 1963 Boris Karloff horror movie
8. A 1932 Bela Lugosi horror movie
9. A description of power currents found on the back of an electrical object
10. The first book in the Bible
11. World War II pilot slang for an unidentified flying object
12. In Greek mythology, the river that surrounds the underworld
13. An old stage name used by Paul McCartney
14. Dorothy's dog
15. "I've got it" in Spanish
16. An 18th century agriculturalist who invented the seed drill
17. Because they felt, as Southerners, they were different from East Coast and West Coast rappers

Bonus: A failed Ford sports car built in Italy by DeTomaso

Good Luck!!!

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