Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #257 - 1/25/06

1981 - 25 Years Ago

Among the artists who began their careers, or came to prominence, in 1981 were Billy Idol, Sheena Easton, Duran Duran, Culture Club, The Time, Sonic Youth, Kim Wilde, and Phil Collins as a solo artist. And in Nashville, a young banjo player with an odd Eastern European sounding name joined New Grass Revival...

1. Was that Rod Stewart or Bonnie Tyler singing that song about Bette Davis? No, it was this American singer.
2. Her destiny was to become one of the most popular and versatile singers of the 2000s, and she was born in Houston on September 4, 1981. Who is she?
3. The Police released their fourth album in 1981 - what was it?
4. The summer medley hit by the Dutch session group called Stars On 45 featured the music of this group.
5. Daryl Hall & John Oates had two Number One hits in 1981. One was "Kiss On My List" - what was the other?
6. Likewise, Blondie had two Number One hits in 1981. One was "The Tide is High" - what was the other?
7. What was the name of George Harrison's tribute to John Lennon, which included contributions from Paul and Ringo as well?
8. Scottish singer Sheena Easton sang the theme to what James Bond movie in 1981?
9. Which Rolling Stones album, released in 1981, was actually full of unreleased songs from the 70s?
10. This country singer crossed over with a cover of "Angel in the Morning" and also sang about the "Queen of Hearts."
11. What 1981 song, with its very striking percussion sound, was Phil Collins' first solo hit?
12. We mourned around the clock on February 9, 1981, when this rock pioneer died of a heart attack.
13. Kool and the Gang had their only Number One hit in 1981 - what was it?
14. This Olivia Newton-John song, ostensibly about exercise, was Number One for the entire month of December 1981.
15. He was born on January 31, 1981, and he'd later rise to fame as the most visible of the members of *NSYNC. Who was he?
16. REO Speedwagon had four Top 40 hits from this album in 1981.
17. May 11, 1981, was a sad day for music fans around the world, but especially for those in Jamaica. Why?

Bonus: This musical based on poems by T.S. Eliot was first performed in London in 1981.

Good Luck!!!

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