Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #256 - 1/18/06

1976 - 30 Years Ago

The United States began its third century in 1976, and these artists began their careers: Elvis Costello, Foreigner, the Clash, the Cure, Devo, and Eddie Money, along with a few mentioned in this quiz. And in Dublin, Ireland, a group of school friends got together under the name Feedback...

1. What Bee Gees hit from 1976 later turned up on their "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack?
2. This Stevie Wonder double album released in September 1976 ultimately spent thirteen weeks at Number One. What was it?
3. Barry DeVorzon and Perry Botkin, Jr. had an instrumental hit with a TV theme that was used by a gymnast in the 1976 Summer Olympics. The song was retitled as what?
4. Speaking of TV themes, which of these TV shows did not have its theme song rise to Number One on the charts in 1976: "Happy Days," "SWAT," or "Welcome Back, Kotter?"
5. This English composer, whose name sounds like his country's name and who once wrote a children's opera based on the Noah's Ark story called "Noye's Fludde," died on December 4, 1976.
6. They debuted on the charts in 1976 with "Crazy On You" and also had a hit with "Magic Man."
7. She was a Supreme in the 60s, but died young at age 32 in February 1976. Who was she?
8. Martin Scorsese filmed this group in their final concert on November 25, 1976, later releasing the film as "The Last Waltz."
9. Both Chicago and KC and the Sunshine Band had Number One hits in 1976. What were they?
10. This Atlanta rapper's first single, "What's Your Fantasy," was a list of funny places to have sex - probably something he wasn't thinking about when he was born on September 11, 1976.
11. A comedy record about disco that everyone took wayyyy too seriously, "Disco Duck," hit Number One on the charts for this radio DJ.
12. He "came alive" in 1976 with "Do You Feel Like We Do," a fourteen-minute song featuring a talkbox solo.
13. Paul Simon encouraged Jack to slip out the back, Stan to make a new plan, and Gus to hop on the bus in this song that spent three weeks at Number One in February 1976.
14. Their 1976 albums included "Destroyer" and "Rock and Roll Over."
15. Paul McCartney and Wings had a hit in 1976 that was almost identically titled to John Travolta's debut hit of that year. What were the titles of both songs?
16. In February 1976, a greatest hits album was the first album in history to be certified platinum - whose greatest hits were they?
17. We said "good grief" when this jazz pianist beloved for his music associated with the Peanuts specials died on February 6, 1976.

Bonus: On December 3, 1976, an inflatable prop being used in a Pink Floyd album cover shoot broke loose from its moorings and flew across the British countryside, disrupting flights in and out of Heathrow Airport. What was the prop?

Good Luck!!!

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