Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #255 - 1/11/06

1971 - 35 Years Ago

Everyone has to start at sometime, and 1971 marked the beginnings of the musical careers of ABBA, Donna Summer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roxy Music, the Captain and Tennille, and, uh, Linda McCartney. And in Hialeah, Florida, a studio keyboard player and bass player were discovering Bahamian junkanoo music...

1. Doors lead singer Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971, in what city?
2. Three Dog Night had a Number One with this froggy hit in May 1971 - not in December.
3. They asked "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" in 1971.
4. He was one busy guy in 1971, releasing four albums: "Tumbleweed Connection," the "Friends" soundtrack, "11-17-70," and "Madman Across the Water."
5. When you fly into New Orleans, you land at an airport named for this jazz legend who died on July 6, 1971.
6. George Harrison organized a benefit concert to help this country in July 1971.
7. What Who album released in 1971 includes "Baba O'Riley," "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Won't Get Fooled Again?"
8. She had a posthumous Number One album with "Pearl" in 1971.
9. Who played at Carnegie Hall during the week of April 5-10, 1971 and later released those shows in a four-box set?
10. "Wild Life," released in 1971, was the debut album from what group?
11. Not to be outdone by the Jacksons, this Utah family group released "One Bad Apple" and hit Number One in February 1971.
12. This story of a young man's romance with an older woman was Number One in both the United States and the United Kingdom for all of October 1971.
13. John Lennon's signature song was released in October 1971 - what is it?
14. This band was huge in England in 1971, having Number One hits with "Jeepster," "Hot Love," and "Get It On." They also had some US success - who were they?
15. This bluegrass singer and fiddler, who often works with Jerry Douglas, was born in Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1971.
16. Marvin Gaye's landmark album of socially-conscious songs was released in May 1971. What was it?
17. It's possibly the most famous song in all rock music - an eight-minute mystical reflection on life and death, released in 1971 - but it never hit the Top 40 charts. What is the song?

Bonus: In December 1971, someone attending a Frank Zappa concert shot a flare gun and burned down the Montreux Casino on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. What 1973 hit song tells the story of this incident?

Good Luck!!!

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