Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #252 - 12/21/05

Rhymes With "Bing"

It's holiday time again, and many of us are dreaming of some sort of Christmas - white or green. So look for these words and phrases that rhyme with "Bing."

1. Nat Cole's nickname
2. A Top Five hit for Rufus (featuring Chaka Khan) in 1976
3. Chuck Berry's only Number One hit, believe it or not
4. What Carl Douglas was doing in 1974
5. Chi Coltrane's only Top 40 hit
6. The Police's bassist
7. According to Pink, most girls want a man with this
8. The Carpenters popularized this song from "Sesame Street" in 1973
9. What the Stones have been doing for the past 41 years
10. Antonio Vivaldi's most famous concerto
11. They did "The Whisper Song" and "Shake" this year
12. A famous Highland dance
13. He recorded "Major Tom (Coming Home)" in 1983
14. Violin, cello, double bass, and guitar are these kind of instruments
15. The rain, the park, and these
16. Terence Trent D'Arby's first hit, from 1988
17. Cymarron's only Top 40 hit, from 1971

Bonus: "Get out of here with that (boom boom boom) and don't come back no more!"

Good Luck!!!

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