Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #251 - 12/14/05

Band Geeks

I'm proud to admit I was a Band Geek in high school - I played French Horn for ten years in junior high and high school, and even went to "band camp" one summer (but I don't have any of "this one time" stories). Here's a quiz dedicated to my fellow Band Geeks, especially all the Green Scarf guys.

1. At what Texas university would you find "The Best Dressed Band in the Land?"
2. This university band, the oldest in the United States, is led onto the field by the Irish Guard.
3. What corporation sponsored the All-American High School Marching Band for years?
4. What American military band calls itself "The President's Own?"
5. At what university would you find the "Big Red Marching Machine?"
6. This charitable religious organization is known for its brass bands. What is it?
7. What future President was once first-chair saxophonist in the Arkansas all-state band?
8. The band at this Pennsylvania university wears kilts to honor the university's Scottish-born benefactor.
9. Who gave the Ohio State band its nickname of "The Best Damn Band in the Land?"
10. This ceremony, featuring a military band, takes place daily in spring and summer and every other day in fall and winter in front of Buckingham Palace.
11. This American composer toured the world as conductor of his own band in the early 1900s.
12. Where would you find "The Golden Band from Tiger Land?"
13. What university's band appeared on Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" album?
14. This band at Indiana University has approximately 250 members, which you would not guess from its name. What name does it use?
15. Britain's Black Dyke Mills Band was signed to what record label in the late 60s?
16. What California university's band is notorious for performing provocative halftime shows and even once got banned from their own stadium?
17. "The Singing Sergeants" often appear with this American service band.

Bonus: The bands at the University of Texas and Purdue University both claim to have what?

Good Luck!!!

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