Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #248 - 11/23/05

Common Ground II - Artists

We've done this one before, so here's the sequel. I give you two artists; you tell me what they have in common. I guess this is the sequel to the sequel?

1. Fleetwood Mac; The B-52s
2. Beenie Man; Ziggy Marley
3. The Rascals; John Mellencamp
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd; 38 Special
5. Peter Cetera; Pat Benatar
6. Irene Cara; Vanilla Ice
7. Celine Dion; Elton John
8. AC-DC; Van Halen
9. Silver; The Tubes
10. Peggy March; Stevie Wonder
11. The Babys; Bad English
12. George McCrae; Betty Wright
13. George Michael; Vangelis
14. Garth Brooks; The Gap Band
15. Dennis DeYoung; Steve Perry
16. Kylie Minogue; Olivia Newton-John
17. Phil Collins; Don Henley

Bonus: Michael Jackson; Snoop Dogg

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #248 Answers

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