Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #239 - 9/14/05

...Don't Run

And this week, hurry to answer all these questions with a word that starts with "Run."

1. The first major rap superstar group
2. A Number One hit for Roy Orbison in 1961
3. Believe it or not, boxer Oscar de la Hoya recorded this Bee Gees song in 2000
4. Kate Bush's only hit in the United States
5. Dion hit Number One with this in 1961; a remake by Leif Garrett hit the charts in 1978
6. His two biggest hits are "I Saw The Light" and "Hello, It's Me"
7. The same person's third biggest hit was "We Gotta Get You A Woman," recorded under this name
8. Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston had hits with different songs with this same title
9. A Jerry Garcia Band album that shares its title with a Dan Fogelberg hit about the Kentucky Derby
10. "I wonder, I wa wa wa wa wonderrrrr..."
11. Blues Traveler's signature song
12. Overwrought 1975 story song in which a girl's father accidentally shoots her while aiming for her boyfriend
13. 1960 Johnny Preston novelty hit that spoofs Romeo and Juliet in a Native American setting
14. This hit by Soul Asylum featured a video that spotlighted missing children
15. Jackson Browne recorded this album on the road during his 1977 tour
16. Jo Jo Gunne's only chart hit, from 1972
17. A Celtic-sounding hit for Slade in 1984

Bonus: When John Fogerty was sued, unsuccessfully, for plagiarizing himself, the prosecuters complained that his "The Old Man Down The Road" sounded too much like this Creedence Clearwater Revival song

Good Luck!!!

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