Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #238 - 9/14/05


Slow down and find all the answers to this week's quiz, which begin with the word "Walk."

1. His biggest hits were "Shotgun" and "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
2. "If you see me walking down the street, and I start to cry each time we meet..."
3. Song recorded by the Ventures in 1960 and re-recorded by the same group in 1964
4. A Number One hit for the Four Seasons in 1963
5. "So don't delay, act now, supplies are running out..."
6. Aerosmith recorded this first by themselves, then with Run-DMC
7. Did the title of this Katrina and the Waves song from 1985 refer to LSD?
8. Title of a rare topical hit from Huey Lewis and the News, about a Vietnam veteran with post-traumatic stress
9. Former Temptation David Ruffin had a Number One R&B hit with this in 1976
10. "...You won't see me follow you back home"
11. Lou Reed's signature song, produced by David Bowie
12. Matt Monro, Donna Summer, and Joe Walsh all recorded songs with this title
13. They sang "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" in 1966
14. An unusual Number One hit for the Bangles which probably is a favorite in Cairo and Luxor
15. Dire Straits had a hit with this song in 1986; the video showed sports bloopers
16. A Joe South hit from 1970 that Elvis also recorded
17. What Fats Domino was doing in 1960 and the opposite of what he was doing last week, unfortunately

Bonus: Title of Boston's fourth album, released 18 years after the first one

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #238 Answers

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