Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #237 - 9/7/05

Tribute To New Orleans

No other city has contributed more to American music than New Orleans. We were all devastated by the tragic hurricane and flood which hit that city last week. This quiz is a tribute to the people and the musicians of New Orleans, and is presented with the hope that soon, we'll be able to listen to jazz in Preservation Hall, Irish music at O'Flaherty's, zydeco at Mulate's, and people having fun on Bourbon Street again. Meet you at Bourbon and Toulouse!

1. We would have said "Ain't It A Shame" if he hadn't survived the flood; fortunately, it made national news that he had been rescued and he'll be back climbing "Blueberry Hill" soon. Who is he?
2. He was born Malcom Rebennack in New Orleans, but we know him better by what name?
3. This standard is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's signature song
4. What has "been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God, I know, I'm one"?
5. Which Neville Brother had two duet hits with Linda Ronstadt, "Don't Know Much" and "All My Life"?
6. She was born in New Orleans, became the most famous gospel singer of her time, and sang before Martin Luther King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech. Who was she?
7. What was Al Hirt's only Top Ten hit, from 1964?
8. What musical instrument appears on the 2002 Louisiana commemorative quarter?
9. The Dixie Cups and the Belle Stars both had hits with this, and the Grateful Dead played it many times live - what is the name of the song (spelled either way)?
10. "If Ever I Cease To Love" is the official song of what?
11. This singer/pianist has also acted in such movies as "Memphis Belle" and "Independence Day" and had a recurring guest spot on TV's "Will and Grace."
12. For years, this clarinetist owned a jazz club at the Riverside Hilton
13. This musical family includes Wynton on trumpet, Delfeayo on trombone, Branford on saxophone, Jason on drums, and their father Ellis on piano
14. His hits include "Stagger Lee," "Personality" and "I'm Gonna Get Married."
15. Born in the French Quarter, he recorded the original "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" and voiced King Louie in "The Jungle Book"
16. John Fogerty, as the Blue Ridge Rangers, had a hit with this song about New Orleans food in 1973.
17. This legendary trumpet player, probably the most famous musician in New Orleans history, had a Number One vocal hit in 1964 with "Hello, Dolly."

Lagniappe: What Grateful Dead song includes the story of a raid on the band's New Orleans hotel?

Good Luck!!!

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