Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #235 - 8/24/05

Who's In is In...

"Who's in is in, who's out is out," said Mrs. Noah in the famous legend of how the Manx Cat lost its tail. This week, all our responses start with "In."

1. "There are places I remember..."
2. Phil Collins' first solo hit
3. Glenn Miller's signature song
4. He and Michael McDonald duetted on "Yah Mo B There" in 1984
5. Stone Temple Pilots song that begins "Waiting on a Sunday afternoon"
6. A hit for the Five Satins in 1956 and Boyz II Men in 1993
7. A 1983 hit by a Scottish band that used E-bowed guitars to re-create the sound of bagpipes
8. They went from "Cowboys to Girls" in 1968
9. The Village People tried to recruit new servicemen with this song
10. Peter Gabriel hit used memorably in the movie "Say Anything"
11 "...But I can't go back there"
12. Michael Hutchence's band
13. Benny Mardones hit from 1980 that was re-released in 1989
14. Depressing futuristic Zager and Evans hit from 1969
15. Title of Billy Joel's 1983 album that paid tribute to early '60s music
16. The name of this very, very long song was originally "In the Garden of Eden"
17. An Elvis story song written by Mac Davis

Bonus: The Jamaican-accented words to this Snow rap/reggae song were so difficult to understand that MTV ran a lyric crawl at the bottom of the video

Good Luck!!!

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