Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #232 - 8/3/05

The Life of Jerry Garcia

Ten years ago this week, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead went on his longest, strangest trip. I still miss him and wish he had stuck around longer to give us more music. This week's quiz is dedicated not only to Jerry, but to all those who he touched with his music.

"There was nothing [Jerry] liked more than playing music in a band in front of dancing people. He didn't care if the group was acoustic or electric or if the audience was large or small -- it was all about hearts and souls coming together through music; ecstatic communion and transformative epiphanies." - Blair Jackson

1. Jerry's father and grandfather were born in what country?
2. In what city was Jerry born?
3. For whom was Jerry named?
4. When Jerry was four, he was horsing around with his brother, who was chopping wood, when something went horribly wrong. What happened?
5. What instrument did Jerry receive for his fifteenth birthday?
6. What branch of the service did Jerry join, and was subsequently dismissed from?
7. Who did Jerry meet at a Bill Monroe bluegrass show in West Grove, Pennsylvania, in 1964?
8.Who was Jerry's main lyricist?
9. Jerry's second wife was named Carolyn Adams, but everyone knows her as who?
10. What instrument did Jerry play in his bluegrass band, Old and In The Way?
11. And what instrument did he play on "Teach Your Children" by Crosby, Stills & Nash?
12. What Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor is named after Jerry?
13. What medical problem did Jerry have in 1986?
14. Where did Jerry play his last show in public, in 1995?
15. What was the cause of Jerry's death?
16. Where, ironically, did Jerry's funeral take place?
17. In what two places were Jerry's ashes scattered?

Bonus: "Arizona," "Banyan Trees," "Duck Worm," "Snail Garden" and "Tidal Wave" are examples of what?

Good Luck!!!

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