Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #231 - 7/27/05

The Summer of 1982

And now, the summer of 1982, when I went to music camp at the college from which I would later graduate; spent a week running amuck on Capitol Hill while learning about how this mess that is our government works; made phone calls to St. Louis and jumped off our neighbor's boat. You probably have a memorable summer like this, too.

1. The biggest musical story of the summer was the first album by a band that featured former members of Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, the Buggles, King Crimson, and Roxy Music. What was the band's name?
2. Paul McCartney had a huge album in the early summer of 1982 - what was it?
3. Paul's duet with Stevie Wonder, with a racial harmony theme, was the Number One song for the entire month of June 1982. What was the song?
4. Who provided the running commentary for Frank Zappa's novelty song "Valley Girl?
5. "Vacation" was the second album, and a Top Ten single, for who in the summer of 1982?
6. Guitarist James Honeyman-Scott died in June 1982. What band did he play with?
7. This music movie, starring Bob Geldof, premiered in the U.S. on August 6, 1982.
8. What country singer had a Top Ten hit in June and July 1982 with a cover of Elvis' "Always On My Mind?"
9. Chicago broke into the Top Ten for the first time in years with a song that would eventually hit Number One in the fall - what was the song?
10. Toto's big Summer 1982 hit featured Chicago's James Pankow on trombone - what was the song?
11. When John Mellencamp broke big in the summer of 1982 with his "American Fool" album, what name was he using?
12. A movie theme by a band from Chicago was the Number One song for the entire month of August 1982. What was the song and the band?
13. "Don't You Want Me" by what band was Number one for three weeks in July 1982?
14. What virtually forgotten song was a Top Ten hit for REO Speedwagon in July and August of 1982?
15. Was "Let It Whip" by the Gap Band or the Dazz Band?
16. "Abracadabra" was a huge hit for who?
17. Fleetwood Mac had the Number One album for all of August 1982 with this release.

Bonus: Chicago was having a big resurgence; the Grateful Dead was touring; but what was KC of the Sunshine Band doing in the summer of 1982?

Good Luck!!!

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