Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #230 - 7/20/05

The Summer of 1978

We always do quizzes in January about the music of the 5 and 0 anniversary years, but this summer I decided to add a seasonal feature, about a few summers that rank high in my memory. First up: the summer of 1978. Special thanks to the drum line gang, whose photos set off these memories of this summer.

1. The soundtrack from this John Travolta movie was the Number One album for all of August 1978.
2. Travolta also had a Number One hit duet as a singer that summer - what was it and who did he sing it with?
3. The biggest album of the summer that wasn't a soundtrack was by the Rolling Stones. What was it?
4. Donna Summer's "Last Dance" was included on the soundtrack of what movie?
5. Who sang with Peter Brown on his Top Ten hit "Dance with Me?"
6. Jazz musician Chuck Mangione had an instrumental hit in early summer 1978 with "Feels So Good." What instrument did he play on that song?
7. ABBA's big hit that summer featured a multi-part acapella introduction. What was the song?
8. The O'Jays had a Top Ten hit in June and July 1978 with an unusually-spelled title - what was it?
9. This Andy Gibb song, the title track from his latest album, was Number One for all of July 1978.
10. And this Gerry Rafferty song with a very distinctive saxophone line was Number Two for all of July 1978.
11. "Boogie Oogie Oogie" (which has nothing to do with a certain baseball pitcher who was just four years old that year) was a summer hit for what group?
12. Boston released this, its second album, in August 1978.
13. According to Sweet, what is love like?
14. This Commodores ballad, written in honor of Lionel Richie's mother, hit Number One for two weeks in August 1978.
15. Many people at first thought "It's a Heartache" was sung by Rod Stewart, but it really was sung by this Welsh singer.
16. "Keep your heart open, 'cause love will find a way" sang this band in 1978.
17. Barry Manilow had a story-song hit about a nightclub dancer in the summer of 1978 - what was it?

Bonus: Walter Egan's "Magnet and Steel" featured two famous singers backing him up on the chorus - who were they?

Good Luck!!!

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