Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #227 - 6/29/05


The stars at night are big and bright (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas, and the music stars from Texas are just as big and bright. This quiz is dedicated to all the many Texans, past and present, mostly musicians, who have been part of my life for one reason or another. Remember, the Alamo has no basement.

1. This Texas blues guitarist died in a helicopter crash after playing at Alpine Valley in 1990.
2. Ragtime composer Scott and rock singer Janis were both Texas natives, and both shared this last name.
3. Wink, Texas, is associated with what singer from the early 60s (and the Traveling Wilburys)?
4. The Sir Douglas Quintet wasn't from "Mendocino," they were from this Texas city.
5. This singer might have been called the Space Cowboy, the Gangster of Love, or Maurice when he was a student at St. Mark's School in Dallas.
6. This 1968 hit began, "Hi everybody, I'm Archie Bell of the Drells from Houston, Texas."
7. What is ironic about ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard?
8. His 32nd annual Fourth of July picnic will be held in Fort Worth this year, not in Luckenbach.
9. According to the Grateful Dead, what day did Jack Straw and Shannon leave Texas?
10. What singer and guitarist from Lubbock died in a plane crash on "The Day the Music Died?"
11. And what Texas-born singer gave up his seat on the same plane and went on to have a very successful country music career?
12. This classical pianist, raised in Texas, won the First International Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in 1958, and now hosts his own piano competition in Fort Worth.
13. Marty Robbins had a Number One hit with this song about a west Texas city - also a favorite of Deadheads.
14. He was born Baldemar Huerta in San Benito, Texas, and had a Number One hit in 1975 that was sung partially in Spanish.
15. The annual South by Southwest Music Festival takes place in what city in Texas?
16. This eclectic guitarist, a favorite on Becky's Island, composed and performed the score to the movie "Paris, Texas."
17. The Eagles' drummer and singer was born in Texas and studied at the University of North Texas.

Bonus: The Grateful Dead had no Texans in the roster, but they liked to sing about the state. What city "got a soft machine" and what city is "too close to New Orleans?"

Super Bonus: Which Spongebob character sang a heartfelt ode to Texas, with some help from Junior Brown?

Good Luck!!!

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