Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #225 - 5/25/05

One Word: Rod Stewart

This guy has had more lives than the folded-ear cats of his beloved Scotland: soccer player, grave digger, busker, rocker, lounge singer, disco guy, folkie, tabloid cover subject, Motown cover singer, pop singer, father, rumor subject (and you know what we're talking about, 70s kids), soul cover singer, and now he's successfully taken on American pop standards! I'm still waiting for him to do an album of Celtic folk songs.

1. President
2. Gladness.
3. Minnesota
4. Yellow
5. Coax
6. Granddad
7. Peking
8. French
9. Celtic
10. Apartment
11. Turtle
12. Straight-faced
13. Lucky
14. Pickup
15. Buffalo
16. Helicopter
17. Dignified

Bonus: Witness

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #225 Answers

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