Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #214 - 3/30/05


The continent of Africa, with its many peoples and countries, has definitely left its mark on the music scene in the United States. This week, we spotlight musicians and music from North, South, East, West and Central Africa.

1. This South African vocal group accompanied Paul Simon on his 1986 "Graceland" album.
2. What non-African group had a Number One hit with a song called "Africa" in 1982?
3. "Pata Pata" is the only chart hit in the United States for this South African singer.
4. This American soul group recorded a song titled "Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa."
5. The first major hit for this Nigerian born singer was "Smooth Operator."
6. They rode the "Marrakesh Express" in 1969.
7. "Soul Makossa" was a 1973 hit for this artist, born in Cameroon.
8. What Michael Jackson hit paid tribute to that song?
9. "Serengetti" is the title of a percussion piece by what group (or more accurately, by the percussion section of what group)?
10. In what African country did Paul McCartney record his "Band on the Run" album?
11. Hugh Masekela, from South Africa, had a Number One instrumental hit in 1968 with what song?
12. This Cuban/French rap group named itself after a group of Yoruba religious figures.
13. This Nigerian born drummer teamed up with Mickey Hart to form Planet Drum.
14. Elton John wrote the music for this Disney feature set in Africa.
15. This New Yorker released an "African Trilogy" on his "Tap Root Manuscript" album in 1970.
16. King Sunny Ade, Segun Adewale, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and Femi Kuti are all musicians from what African country?
17.Youssou N'Dour, born in Senegal, sang backup on a 1986 album by what British singer?

Bonus: The president of Gabon shares his last name with a musical instrument. What is his name?

Good Luck!!!

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