Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #210 - 3/2/05

Craze-y Mouse

Fads and crazes have been with us forever, and where there were fads, there were songs about fads - particularly in the 60s and 70s. I'll give you the craze - you tell me what song or album reflected that particular obsession. And no, there were never songs about Pet Rocks.

1. CB Radios/Trucking
2. Beatlemania
3. Astronauts
4. Communes
5. Running naked in public places
6. Health food
7. John F. Kennedy and his family
8. Robert F. Kennedy
9. Martial arts
10. Video arcade games
11. An Egyptian museum exhibit
12. Monster movies
13. Personal ads and fern bars
14. Personal ads mentioning zodiac signs
15. Men's fitness
16. Women's fitness
17. Boxing

Bonus: Sharks/Jaws

Good Luck!

Quiz #210 Answers

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